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Sep 12

Why Alpacas and what are they?

... Whatever animals I decided to have had to be big enough to make them unattractive to coyotes, and sure of foot to enjoy the hill without destroying it...

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Dec 2

Eco Friendly Alpacas Really Green Pet.

Alpacas have soft hooves which are ideal to protect the spare vegetation on feeding grounds ...

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Jan 5

The Way Ahead

The first issue I had to address when planning for the farm was to deal with the residential designation for our property...

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I had a dream of owning a farm when I young as I was raised on one, however life took me in many different directions until recently when the “farm” became a possibility and a passion. My husband and I bought a rural residential property that made me tingle with anticipation of doing something with the land.

I love the country farm life. I believe in diversification, using environmentally responsible methods to farm the land in harmony with nature, making something that can be sold locally, and eventually employ locally.

Research lead me to look at what animals could be supported on a hilly 2 acres, and I came across alpacas. The more I read the more excited I got. They were environmentally responsible animals. What a good fit, and they are so cute. More to follow in my blogs.

If I was to raise alpacas what would I do with them? Show them, breed them, sell the finished or unfinished fiber, or create something more with the fiber. My grand daughter helped me out in making that decision when she asked me to teach her how to knit. Not me, I don’t knit … well I do now!

The possibilities started forming and for some reason duvets came to mind and now I am buying fleece, cleaning (not easy as alpacas like to roll in dirt), and carding it to make the batts for the duvets. I have made my prototypes, tested them, and made some changes. All the fiber for the duvets is hand processed which is very time consuming but then I have time.

Once our land is cleared and fenced the alpacas will arrive, and you will be able to book your alpaca experience. Updates will be on my Facebook page and in my blogs. In the mean time there is plenty of fiber available locally to make some cozy luxurious duvets for your new sleep experience.

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